About Us

AFRO SCHOOL SUPPLIERS (PTY) LTD was established in October 2007 specializing in LTSM supplies and needs to education institutions. AFRO SCHOOL SUPPLIERS (PTY) LTD operate from Kya Sands in Gauteng to service all nine provinces in South Africa.

Principal functions and services:

  • to market and sale of TEXT BOOKS, READER and STATIONERY (ALL LTSM) to schools
  • to make regular personal calls from marketers, book exhibitions, etc.
  • to support and facilitate teachers to make an informative decision on book selections
  • to support and facilitate schools in managing their budgets to the optimum
  • to market Afro School Suppliers Pty (Ltd) to schools as a supplier of LTSM needs
  • to supply schools with LTSM needs as per their orders on credit (30 days term)
  • to give regular feedback to customers on status of orders (e.g. books in print, ETA's of publications, delivery dates etc.)
  • to deliver books (as per order) to schools free of charge by road
  • to arrange training & workshops for teachers on LTSM purchases
  • to keep schools informed of any new products
  • to supply schools with stationery packs per learner
  • to offer back-to-school orders on December account, delivery from October and payable only 20 Jan of following year


Broad Based BEE Status : Level 1 Contributor